13 April 2014

Super-Busy Day

Hello everyone! saturday morning and begins with morning excercise in Tebet garden with my whole family. feeling fresh after super-busy-day in yesterday, had practicum test in the morning, gave birthday surprise to my friend in the afternoon, went to fashion bazaar in the night. super tired but also super fun.  
so, let me told the story in more details..


Yesterday was my last day of test, sounds great isn't it? but sadly, this test was pretty hard actually not only for me but most of my friends said so. we had 4 practicums in a row, biology, histology, pathological and clinical anatomy. the test weren't so complicated, mostly we just have to look at the microscope and decide which tissues from the samples are referring to. but that's the hardest part. sometimes, the picture of one sample were almost looks same like the other samples. we have to examine every single details of the sample carefully in only 60 seconds. 1 minute. 1 minute to decide  for your life. lol.


Happy Birthday for my beloved friend, Nana Moscowry. fyi, her birthday is in 13 march, and we gave a surprise h+28 days from her bday. such a pity. but it was fun tough. this birthday surprise should be the best so far. she almost cry and looks very shocked having 8 girls were in her house, bringing the birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday song.


Went to Pop Up Market 2014 in Kuningan City mall. come! come! this event will be held from 11 April to 13 April 2014 in Kuningan City Mall. it's one of Prasetya Mulya Business School's big project which the inspiration comes from the Shibuya district in Japan. this event is more likely as a bazaar, many national brands (mostly from Prasmul's student itself) participate in this event and btw they are super cool! fyi, shibuya is famous among Japanese as a fashion centers (one of the famous district is Harajuku, center of culture and fashion trends in Japanese youth) and the legendary hachiko story. the statue of this truly-faithful dog is in there, right in front of Shibuya station.

This is my partner-in-crime, Andrea Gina Karima. she is my friend since Junior High School but we didn't close at that time. when in Senior High School, we're getting closer because we were in the same class, X-E. oh yes, she's having her own blog, please kindly check here (click!). she is so talented in her own way. God had gift her such a talented skill, her drawings are just.. even words can't describe. lol. it's beyond amazing.

btw, here are some pics from this event.

So many interesting yet creative booths are in there, with my camera i started took some pics and get lost with my self. love it. it's so amazed me that young people can do such things like adult do. even more better. with their kind of spirit, imagination, skill, they can create ordinary things into something more extraordinary, something more valuable. i love how the way they decorate the interior place, making wall-painting decorations , putting some Japanese lanterns on the ceiling, decorating their booths to re-presentating their brand's uniqueness. totally beautiful. 

One of the brands is my friend's brand called VOILA Couture. for more information, please kindly check this website and subscribe your email (click!). this fashion brand is best for feminine girls because of its designs and colours, mostly in pink and pastel. they sell shoes, skirt, blazer, and dresses which are worth to buy. all of the products are not only comes in a good design but also in a good quality.  

here is the owner, Rani Soebijantoro

Well, there's also some food booths in the 4th floor (the product booth is in 3rd floor) which sells some desserts, appetizers, main dishes, drinks, etc. all of them looks tempting, i can't resist to buy them haha. well in the end i just bought 2 foods, 1 snack and 1 dessert. the snack is actually looks like satay and it tastes heavenly. i choose chicken meatballs and salmon steak, they're very delicious, highly recommend! bought them for only Rp 28.000. but forgive me, i forgot the product's name :( 

Next is the dessert. well, love them at the first sight. they have such a nice and unique plating, using half-cut coconut shell as their plate. love it. bought it for Rp 25.000 because i add 2 more toppings, longans and almonds. yummy :d oh yes the product is called KeLaSi (Kelapa Isi), they have an instagram and twitter account, kindly follow them for more informations (@kelasi_id)

the situation in the food booth
cooking process

chicken meatballs and salmon steak, looks delicious :d

the unique dessert :)
note : this post should be posted in saturday, so yeah forgive me please. and today is 13th of April which is my birthday!! thank you so much for the wishes and prayers, those things are very meaningful to me :) 


Rizka Mutiara

10 April 2014

In a Need of Holiday

hello folks! actually this post was made during my study for exam hoho. after read all the clinical pathologyanatomical pathologyinflammationcancer and etc perhaps to post something is good for boost my mood. fyi, today is the legislative elections in Indonesia which means every single of Indonesian people MUST vote someone who will be our House of Representative members. so, today all companies, schools, also universities are free of works! yippie. and this year should be my first time tp participate in political elections :)

well, i really miss holiday. nowadays, just one-day holiday is something really precious, something i have to be grateful of, something i have to use it properly. so, i would like to flashback my last holiday in Hongkong to kill my holiday-missing moment through some photos.

love my tour group so much!

After arrived in the airport, we went through Avenue of Stars directly. yes! without rest and take a bath for a second! tired? of course. i couldn't say how much i missed my lovely and cozy mattress. but, all of the tiredness were paid off by the breathtaking view and lovely fresh air in Hongkong. fyi, Avenue of Stars is actually pretty much same like Hollywood Walk of Fame. the difference are while Hollywood Walk of Fame using star sign as a symbol, Avenue of Stars is using the artist's hand prints as a symbol. pretty unique. and also, the artist's name in HFW are more well-known than artist's in AVS. haha no offense. the artist's name i knew in AVS are only Jackie Chan and Jet Li. others? don't have any idea who they are.

Next destination is Madame Tussauds. well, who on earth doesn't know about this famous museum? but sadly, the collection in Madame Tussauds Hongkong isn't really complete. there isn't Prince William and Kate Middleton wax scuplture :(



Guess where am I now.. am I in United Kingdom? :p

..... No, of course not! well, that's my dream actually travel to UK but in fact i was in Shenzhen :') the miniature are really amazing isn't it? it seems pretty much like the original building but smaller. i was in Window of The World, Shenzhen. fyi, all of the famous world buildings are in there, from european to asian continent.  i even saw the famous temple from Indonesia, Borobudur Temple miniature. haha funny. 

And the best part in hongkong is absolutely DISNEY LAND!! where every single things of my childhood memories are meant to be real. Huge castle, living Mickey and Minnie mouse and lovely Disney princess (Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Snow white, etc), colourful buildings, fireworks, cotton candies, and so on. all i see is just happiness :) 

haft... really. miss. holiday. so. much. 


Rizka Mutiara

note : actually, this post has been made since yesterday

6 April 2014

Something Bother Me

well.. yeah hi everyone! seems like thousand years i haven't posted anything haha forgive me. fyi, now im 17 years old young lady, currently studying in medical subject which is my dream. Alhamdulillah. one of my dream is already accomplished. although many obstacles ive been through along the process but it motivates me. like really. when i said many obstacles, i mean it. MANY. yeah not only one or 2 but MANY. but that's okay, really. that obstacles makes me stronger, makes me changed to "another" person (in a good way, i hope) 

Most people think entering college is one of the "turning-point" of someone. i do believe that statement.  i really do because i experienced it with myself. well, i met lots of people in my univ, from difference backgrounds, places, tribes, religions, and so on. i met one guy, and suddenly he trusted me and told me about all about his family background which is totally insane. i never expected he suffer such kind of thing in life. unlike me, i believe i've great life. my parents still together, i've enough money for living, i've lots of bestfriends, happy :) but in the other side, there are people who have contrary life with me. well, thats life. the point is, entering college lead me to open up my mind, widen up my sights, and broaden up my knowledge.

Oya, well the reason why i started to post in my blog because i've a problem, not a big one, but a meaningful one. its about faith. yes, Faith. its about good or bad and how you act towards this. while you think something is "bad" and most people say that's "good". what will you do? will you stay in your faith? or will you change your faith? or (like most people do) will you follow the majority even in your deepest heart you don't agree?...... hard isn't it? yeah. well for me, i choose option one

Keep. Stay. In. My. Faith.


Rizka Mutiara

notes :

  • i think i love blogging now! :D writing makes me feel calmer and better :) promise i'll post more often
  • actually tomorrow is my exam day, haft wish me luck for tomorrow. no remedial. AMIN
  • it's April! always love this month! <3 nbsp="">